Odella Studio is an Arizona-based content marketing and design collective.

We believe in doing better: better branding, better business, better for each other. Through provocative web (and print!) design, and carefully crafted messaging, we build cohesive, deliberate brand identities. With smart design and authentic content marketing as our medium for storytelling, we collaborate to create a transformative experience for you, your business, and your customer.

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Bringing people together one comma at a time.

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Why copywriting + content marketing?

Some of my first memories are reading the Sunday Times at the breakfast table; nights spent in my dorm room devouring the poetry of Cummings, Olds, and Ginsberg were paramount to my college experience. Both of these memories speak to the cultivation of my lifelong infatuation with words and a stirring to find the ones that say it best. I believe the power of quality copywriting and content marketing lies in its ability to transform — its ability to help us understand each other better. With a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Communications from the University of Oregon (Go DUCKS!), and 5+ years of professional experience, I bring to the table a keen knowledge of strategic messaging and a rich background in storytelling.

Don’t you get tired of being on social media?

Nope. Really. I’m the most extroverted introvert EVER and being able to “connect” 24/7 while sitting at home in my yoga pants is (to me) the pinnacle of achievement.

Dream client?

I have a thing for mission-driven brands that are bettering the world through their work. I fantasize about collaborating with Patagonia. A few years ago, I read an interview with Yvon Chouinard, the Founder and then CEO, that completely inspired my business model (and my life). Also, having had the privilege of personally adventure-testing their product, I believe in its supreme quality.

What do you love about working with Sarah?

Sarah could easily be annoyed with my neurotic attention to detail, but isn’t. Instead, she nods/smiles/laughs, whiling away on the BIG PICTURE things that keep us innovating and moving forward. She exemplifies #ladyboss with her grab-the-bull-by-its-horns attitude, and her commitment to creating a better consumer experience is what drives our business forward.

Words to live by?

“We’re all just walking each other home,” by Ram Dass. This simple truth speaks volumes to me; it is a reminder to meet people where they’re at. We’re all in this together.

You could survive on a desert island with these three things:

Assuming there’s no internet, I’d get by with my Tom Robbins collection (I could seriously read those books a thousand times), some good hiking shoes, and I’d have to flip a coin to decide between my husband, and my dog, Sela.

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Championing white space since 1992.

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Why graphic + web design?

After spending my college years flirting with different types of design including architecture, woodworking, jewelry-making, and photography, I returned to my true love — graphic design — which I first met during a Photoshop class in high school. My degree in Design Thinking + Sustainability allowed me to explore design from a broader perspective and get to the crux of creativity and problem-solving through many different avenues. Web design became a logical next step from graphic design, and I became interested in how the two interact to communicate a visual message. In a culture inundated with half-baked design and shallow marketing, we’re often not given the choice or information necessary to make informed consumer decisions that contribute to social and environmental justice. It’s my goal with Odella Studio to change that climate.

Your design philosophy?

Simple, clear and impactful. As a young designer, it’s a challenge to sift through everything available and not produce work that includes everything-but-the-kitchen-sink. I’ve found it helpful to look back on art history and the great designers of the past and remind myself that the best (imo) designs are the simplest. Another important aspect to consider as a designer in this age is the responsibility we have as architects of our environment to move consumerism in a more mindful direction.

Dream client?

Hedley & Bennett.  I love their aesthetic, what they stand for, the lady power they exhibit and that their product lives in the food world. I (obsessively) watched from afar as Ellen Bennett grew her company from scratch into a socially conscious and kick-ass brand recognized all over the world.

What do you love about working with Rachael?

Rachael puts my attention to detail to shame (which is insane) and I love that our values about work-life balance align. She is a great partner in my concepting process because she believes in my aesthetic, which is empowering an artist. She has yet to follow through on her promise to make me go square-dancing, we’ll see if my love wavers after that.

The best thing about living in the desert?

The desert is amazing and terrifying, but I think the best part is this sense of survivalism in the face of extreme obstacles. I moved here during a time of deep self-exploration, and being surrounded by nature and people imbued with perseverance has made me learn to just keep working, making mistakes, moving on and trying to do better.


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